Brain Health Coaching

We have one brain and most of us don’t take good care of it.

Our brain has an estimated one hundred billion nerve cells. It accounts for about 2% of our body weight and uses 25% of the calories we consume.

Brains are fragile!!   Brains are the consistency of tofu and float in cerebrospinal fluid inside a hard skull that has sharp ridges.  In addition to falls and blows to the head, brains are vulnerable to damage from:




                              Dehydration (we need half our body weight on ounces of water daily)

                              Environmental toxins

                              Lack of sleep

                              Lack of exercise

                              Lousy diet (there is food and there is junk, but no such thing as junk food)

                              Drug or alcohol abuse

                              Excessive screen time (TV, video games, computers, cell phones)


Your experience of anxiety, depression, difficulty focusing, mood changes, anger/irritability, memory problems can be directly related to your brain health. Dr. Daniel Amen, M.D. has identified 7 sub-types of anxiety/depression and 7 sub-types of ADD, based on SPECT brain scans.

 Most of us are not taught to take care of our brain health, you can start with learning your sub-type of anxiety/depression or ADD and your brain type.

To know your brain type, you can get a SPECT scan with treatment recommendations at an Amen Clinic, and you can start with the Amen Clinic sub-typing questionnaires for anxiety/depression and ADD available at Bachmann Wellness, PLLC.

 Decide to take care of your brain. Learn your brain type and learn to take care of your brain.

Amen Clinic Brain Type Assessment

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